We strive to be a sustainable studio ensuring we create as little waste as possible in the sample/toile making process. We believe every step of the manufacturing process is important and reducing waste from start to finish is vital to reducing the fashion industry's environmental impact.


dead stock fabric .

We source deadstock fabric to make up toiles, rescuing fabric that would otherwise go to landfill. Tons of deadstock fabric is sent to landfill a year that's been left over from large unfulfilled orders.

sourcing from the uk .

All samples are manufactured in England, we believe in keeping the tailoring industry alive, keeping jobs local and reducing shipping emissions. Being able to oversee working conditions and ensuring people are paid fairly for the work they do is so important to us.

packaging . 


We use resealable biodegradable delivery bags to post your samples/toile's in, reducing plastic waste in every little way possible is our company mission.

scraps to scrunchies .

We make scrunchies out of scrap fabric to reduce waste and turn something that would otherwise be disposed of into value.

consulting .

If you are looking to start a sustainable brand or want to become more sustainable, we can tailor a consultation session to your brand mission. Our team has experience in sustainable fashion and would love to help out!

sustainable brands .


Bou Soie - " It's great to be able to make our products in the UK in small quantities, reducing Co2 emissions though shipping and keeping work local. "

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