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Updated: Jan 18, 2023

At The Pattern Room, we are often asked this question. If you have never gone into manufacturing before, it can be scary and many people feel unsure about what the manufacturers need from them.

What information do I need to give my clothing manufacturer as a designer/start-up brand.

After designing your vision, create your first toiles then sampling. You might ask, what do I do next?

Depending on what order you have decided to work in your next step will either be to find a manufacturer that is able to work with your MOQ and budget. Or it might be that you will be sending off all the information your chosen manufacturer will need to complete your production order. Ensuring manufacturers have everything they will need before production it will reduce time wasted shipping or waiting for information packs to be completed.


What Should I Ask My Clothing Manufacturer?

Ask if you will need to supply the fabrics or if they can source what you want

If you need to supply the patterns graded or if they can grade them

Ask if you should supply labels for example size tags, care labels and branded labels

If they require a sample finished in the fabric you have selected

See if they supply trims

Ask what their lead times are so you know when to expect your collection to be ready


What To Consider When Choosing A Clothing Manufacturer

Always ask for a factory visit before manufacturing

If possible go by recommendation and check reviews

Check their standard of manufacturing

Ask for their MOQ and if needed ask if you are able to mix colours and sizes for one style

Ensure you’re comfortable with their payment terms

Ask if it's possible to visit the factory while in your production as this could enable you to catch any errors throughout the process


What Will My Clothing Manufacturer Need

The best thing to do is to just ask! But if you want to prepare then here is a list of things they may ask for!

Tech Pack

A tech pack will provide the information the manufacturer needs to assemble each garment

Graded patterns

You will either have to provide your patterns graded or if your manufacturer has the facilities to grade your patterns you will need to provide them with your chosen grade rule

Fabric rating

If you are ordering fabric, you will need a lay plan or to create a fabric rating to estimate the number of pieces you will get out of the fabric you're sending to the manufacturer.

Fabric, Labels and Trimmings

Some factories may offer to provide this for you, but you may have to or choose to provide them yourself


Manufacturers usually sample but you may choose to sample before heading to the factory in which case, sending over a sample will help the manufacturer understand your design


How We Can Help

At The Pattern Room, we are here to prepare you for manufacturing. From pattern cutting to sampling, our job is to transform your 2D design into a ready-to-wear 3D garment.

If you have more unanswered questions book a consultancy session with Fran the owner of The Pattern Room.

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