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We did a small production run for the launch of Bou Soie. Megan the Founder of Bou Soie talks about how working with a small production run enabled her to start-up with a lower budget and be more sustainable.

Bou Soie focuses on providing its customers with transparency and low-impact products, made from biodegradable organic bamboo 'silk'.

Megan shares the yes moments and the learning curves of starting Bou Soie.

"My favourite part of the process is being able to make something that's going to become part of someone's life. Once a piece of clothing is created its story contines way past the brand, it becomes human. I wanted to create a line. aware of the journey clothing takes through people and the planet. Considering the machinists well-being, was a massive part of that. I believe wearing something you know was made ethically, makes the clothing feel even better to wear! I aim to design sensation & feeling rather than designing visually. Bou Soie is designed to enhance the state of well-being for the wearer."

If you were, to sum up, your design inspiration into three words what would they be?

"Digital fashion, playfulness and movement."

Any little tips for designers first starting out in today's fashion climate?

" Follow your path, find your strengths and don't be afraid to be different! If you're a clothing brand start-up I would recommend starting with a small production run or setting up a pre-order system. Then you can test the popularity of different colourways, fabrics, styles and even sizes. Bringing rolls of fabric and samples to pop-ups and markets is a great way to do pre-orders in person, people don't mind waiting for made-to-order products!"


At The Pattern Room we offer Small Production Runs of 5-10 pieces per style.

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