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We are a small team of experienced professionals, dedicated to providing you with high-quality pattern cutting, toiles and samples. We work to a high standard of garment making and pay great attention to detail. We believe the key to making a great collection is investing in the early stages of creation. Building a strong foundation for your designs, we make sure the patterns and samples are made to a high standard and your designs have been fully understood through the process.


The Pattern Room started in March 2019, from a new studio development, Deptford.

After working for 14 years in pattern cutting and garment tech across a variety of roles Fran decided to open her own sampling studio focused on designers. Not only on providing services but working flexibly to tailor them to each brand/designer's needs.

" I enjoy the process of bringing the designer's visions to life, creating the garment on paper and seeing it fabricate in 3D form. I am passionate about helping new brands and using the knowledge I have gained from my years in the industry to guide others. Working as a manager at a factory, I oversaw sample machinists and the process of creating samples from design. "

We strive to be a sustainable studio ensuring we create as little waste as possible in the sample/toile-making process. We believe every step of the manufacturing process is important and reducing waste from start to finish is vital to reducing the fashion industry's environmental impact.