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We are a small team of experienced professionals, dedicated to providing you with high-quality pattern cutting, toiles and samples. We work to a high standard of garment making and pay great attention to detail. We believe the key to making a great collection is investing in the early stages of creation. Making sure the patterns and samples are made to a high standard builds a strong foundation for your designs.


We like to keep our workforce local, all patterns are cut and designs are sampled in England.

We are passionate about what we do and we would love to work with you and bring your designs to life!


The Pattern Room started in March 2019, from a new studio development, Deptford.

After working for 14 years in pattern cutting and garment tech across a variety of roles Fran decided to open her own sampling studio focused on designers. Not only on providing services but working flexibly to tailor them to each brand/designer's needs.

We set out to create a space to fabricate the visions of designers, we wanted to build a transparent business focused on forming long-lasting relationships with brands. Where designers can trust us to create their visions, shaped around each designer's individual design process.


Fran - Owner and Pattern cutter 

I enjoy the process of bringing the designer's visions to life, creating the garment on paper and seeing it fabricate in 3D form. I am passionate about helping new brands and using the knowledge I have gained from my years in the industry to guide others. Working as a manager at a factory, I oversaw sample machinists and the process of creating samples from design.

Working in fashion is exciting. Being in pattern development you see fashion never stays still, watching designs evolve and change. Ideas come and go but they always come back in new interesting ways.

Working in production has opened my eyes to the importance of reducing waste in any way possible along the process. I think it's crucial to keep the manufacturing industry alive in the UK and source as much as we can locally. 

Hrissy - Machinist 

Hrissy has worked in garment construction for over 20 years. With lots of experience in sampling and finishing garments to a high-quality standard.


Megan - Assistant

As a designer and pattern cutter, I am passionate about helping brands manage growth. I love working for The Pattern Room as we are able to provide the tools start-up brands need to get their collection off the ground.

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